Newborn Care Specialist

& Professional Night Nanny

About Me

It is my job and my joy to provide education and support to families during labor or after the baby has arrived.


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I look forward to talking with you to help answer any questions you may have during this special time.

Services Offered


Advanced Newborn Care Specialist –

(Because each family has different needs, the services offered will vary. None of the services I provide are considered medical or clinical. It is always advised to check with your healthcare provider when it comes to making medical or clinical decisions for your baby. Also note that many services overlap with other services provided.)


 • Work closely with parents to have a customized plan for their family

 • Setting up nursery including preparing the room for the best sleeping conditions possible

 • Work on sleep conditioning and daytime schedules to insure good sleep habits

 • Take primary care of baby either throughout the night or on a 24/7 schedule

 • Clean breast pump parts, bottles, etc.

 • Breastfeeding help

 • Work with multiples and preemies

 • Do baby’s laundry

 • Accompany parent to pediatrician’s appointments, pick up medications, etc.

 • Bathing baby

 • Circumcision care

 • Restock nursery

 • Breastfeeding support and help

 • Help in identifying reflux and other conditions

 • Comfort and soothing methods

 • Teach infant massage methods to parents

 • Offer help with baby-wearing methods

 • Providing community resources when needed

 • Help parents to navigate through baby products, formula, etc.


Night Nanny –

 • Provide overnight care for the newborn baby so the family can get some much-needed sleep

 • Bring baby to mom if breastfeeding and then help to calm, re-settle and put baby back to sleep

 • Feed, burp and change the baby over night

 • Provide comfort and calming methods for baby

 • Implement good sleeping habits

 • Restock nursery

 • Do baby’s laundry

 • Tidy-up so family can have a fresh start in the morning

 • Prepare easy to eat snacks for mom


Postpartum Doula –

 • Provide physical and emotional support to the family during the first few weeks of having the baby, typically 4-hr daytime slots

 • Setting up changing stations throughout the home

 • Referrals to other providers when needed

 • Help with breastfeeding

 • Breast and bottle support and tips

 • Cleaning breastfeeding parts, bottles, etc.

 • Provide basic newborn care

 • Calming and soothing techniques for baby

 • Infant massage instruction

 • Light household assistance

 • Do baby’s laundry

 • Help with siblings

 • Light mealtime/snack preparation

 • Running errands

 • Aware of postpartum mood disorders and suggest further help when needed


Labor Doula –

 • FREE Initial consultation

 • NO extra fee for long labors

 • Excellent back-up if needed (although this has never happened)

 • I do not typically book more than two clients a month in order to assure that I will be at you birth

 • Providing care at hospitals, birth centers or home births

 • Work with moms who want any level of medication, no medication, Cesarean births, either planned or unexpected, VBACS, Hypnobaby and Hypnobirth methods or high risk pregnancies

 • Two in-home comprehensive prenatal visits

 • Assistance with preparing a birth plan, feeding plan and postpartum plan

 • Unlimited phone consultations/support before and after birth

 • Specialized research pertinent to your specific circumstance

 • Continuous physical and emotional support during labor and for the baby’s 1st hour after birth

 • Helping the dad to feel confident in his role

 • Staying with you for up to two hours after birth

 • Initial help with breastfeeding

 • One postpartum visit

 • Pictures during labor and birth – please note that I am not a professional birth photographer. My main focus is you. The photos are an aide in remembering your special day. If you would like professional pictures of your birth, I can recommend experienced, local birth photographers.


Classes Offered


I have taught a variety of classes at the following locations: Physicians Regional Hospital, Lisa Ross Birthing Center, Cutie Tootie Cloth Diaper Store and Bohemian Baby Natural Parenting Store. Classes may be in a group or personal setting. Please call about availability and class fees.


Breastfeeding Basics:


This class covers the benefits of breastfeeding, steps to success, breast anatomy, breastfeeding hormones, preparing to breastfeed while you are pregnant, newborn instincts, positions, hunger cues and transferring milk, ever-changing breastmilk, newborn digestion, latching challenges, supplies for breastfeeding, and your health.


Preparing for Childbirth:


This series focuses on birth experience, what to expect upon arrival at the hospital or birth center, normal birth process, signs of labor, pain management techniques, medication and anesthesia options during labor, paced breathing and relaxation techniques, maternal care after delivery, comfort measures, coaching support, etc.


Newborn Care/Postpartum Care


Description: Class topics covers newborn care, cord care, swaddling, baby wearing, calming techniques, breast and bottle feeding, feeding, baby cues, bathing baby, introducing the family pet to baby, newborn health and safety, baby sleep basics, postpartum care for the mother, postpartum depression, characteristics of the newborn, care of the circumcised and in-tact baby, information on car seat safety, information on SIDS, room temperature, smoking, taking baby’s temperature and suctioning baby.


Infant Massage Series


Individual or group instruction available!


Description: Infant Massage- Touch has been proven to positively influence newborn health in many ways. Some important benefits of infant massage include: improved immune function, weight gain, digestion regulation and an enhanced mind/body connection. Health experts have also found that babies who received massages are either to soothe, cry less and are more alert while awake.


Infant massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. It is fun and exciting and something that dad's can do too!


Infant massage provides relaxation for both you and your baby. It increases bonding and allows parents to better understand their baby's communication skills. It provides quality one-on-one interaction, aids in improving sleep cycles, decreases pain from colic and constipation and also helps to improve the immune system.





• Newborn/Postpartum Care

• Preparing for Childbirth

• Grand parenting Classes

• Infant Massage Instruction

• Breastfeeding Classes



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