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It is my job and my joy to provide education and support to families during labor or after the baby has arrived.


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I look forward to talking with you to help answer any questions you may have during this special time.


What is a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)?

According to the International Nanny Association, a Newborn Care Specialist is defined by the following qualifications:


Newborn Care Specialists are highly specialized and trained in-home childcare providers who focus on the care and well-being of the newborn: i.e., the first 12-16 weeks of life.


 • Hired predominantly to care for newborns for either overnight shifts or around the clock care

 • Works independently with only minimal guidance from the parents

 • Familiar with the behaviors, appearance and general care of the newborn

 • Often has experience working with preemies and multiples

 • Well versed in helping establish good feeding and sleeping habits

 • Well versed in supporting family values

 • Well versed in various sleep conditioning methods and can develop a successful plan to getting the baby to sleep through the night and nap well as soon as reasonably possible in a healthy manner

 • Had the goal of a healthy, educated and empowered parent

 • Understands the value of and can support a breastfeeding mother

 • Has a basic understanding of Postpartum Mood Disorders, can recognize and confidently address the possibility with parents

 • Understands and can recognize the signs of possibly food allergies, intolerances and reflux and knows how to help

 • Is willing to share information with healthcare professionals in order to support optimal baby health

 • Keeps up on the latest information and studies in newborn care

 • Behaves in a professional manner and maintains family confidentiality

 • Understands the limits of their scope of practice and abides by them

 • Willing, at the appropriate time, to be both mentored and mentor others

What is the difference between a NCS and a Night Nurse or Baby Nurse?


The term “Newborn Care Specialist” is often interchangeable with “Baby Nurse or Night Nurse.” A Baby Nurse is a Registered Nurse that provides care for a newborn baby. It is illegal for a Newborn Care Specialist to call herself a Baby Nurse. Although very knowledgeable in all aspects of newborn care, a Newborn Care Specialist does NOT offer any medical advice or clinical procedures.

What is a Night Nanny?


A Night Nanny typically works 8-10 hour shifts overnight to provide much needed rest for the parents. Because she typically only works when everyone is asleep, her responsibilities are limited, insuring that the home is quiet. She will feed the baby or babies, change and re-settle them or if the mom is breastfeeding, she will often bring the baby to the mom for a feed and then get them settled down again. She may load or unload the dishwasher, do the baby’s laundry and restock the nursery.  She is also knowledgeable in calming methods and she may have some advanced infant-focused education and a basic knowledge of sleep methodology.


What is a Labor Doula?


Labor Doula - Typically, a labor doula will meet with the parents in the second or third trimester of the pregnancy to get acquainted and to learn more about the couple and the history of this pregnancy. She may help you develop a birth plan, teach relaxation, visualization, and breathing skills useful for labor. She will meet with you during labor, and stay continuously at your side for up to two hours after the birth of your baby. Most importantly, the doula will provide comfort, support, and information about birth options.

I have had clients in all local hospitals, plus LaConte Medical Center in Sevierville and Erlanger in Chattanooga. In addition, I have had clients at the Lisa Ross Birth Center, and the Women’s Wellness and Birth Center in Madisonville, and have worked with Homebirth midwives.


Studies have shown that when a doula is present there is a:


• 31% decrease in the use of Pitocin

• 28% reduction in risk of c-section

• 12% increase in likelyhood of spontaneous vaginal birth

• 9% decrease in the use of medications for pain relief

• 14% decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery

• 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

What is a Post-Partum Doula?


Post-Partum Doula - The post-partum doula is a trained professional that offers physical, emotional, and educational support to a new mother and the rest of the family.


A postpartum doula acts as a support system for the entire family. She does not take over complete care of the newborn, but rather assists and teaches the parents how to care for their newborn baby and grow in their confidence as new parents. A postpartum doula offers non-judgmental support, education and encouragement, as well as community referrals when needed. She is well-trained in newborn and postpartum care and can help with basic breastfeeding questions and concerns. The postpartum doula does NOT perform any medical or clinical tasks.

Please click on the "Services" page for more specific details about all of my services and fees.


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