Newborn Care Specialist

& Professional Night Nanny

About Me

It is my job and my joy to provide education and support to families during labor or after the baby has arrived.



I look forward to talking with you to help answer any questions you may have during this special time.

Why you should hire Knoxville Baby Lady as your Newborn Care Specialist:


•  Knoxville Baby Lady works with ALL clients including International clients, same sex couples, surrogate and adoptive families

 • Will travel to your family or with your family

 • Offers in-hospital care

 • Offers services when traveling and staying at a hotel with baby

 • No agency fee

 • Highly qualified in all aspects of newborn care

 • Experience with multiples and preemies

 • Experience with all forms of feeding and offering lactation support and education

 • Sleep conditioning and daytime scheduling

 • Offering nursery necessity list planning, nursery set-up, baby safety and green-proofing tips

 • Preparing you and your home for the arrival of baby

Lori Wade


Hi! My name is Lori Wade. I am an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist, Professional Night Nanny, Lactation Educator, Childbirth Educator, Labor Doula and Infant Massage Instructor. I am highly qualified and trained in all aspects of newborn care. I help families adjust to the often difficult stage of life with a newborn. I provide education, resources and care of your baby usually for a period from birth to approximately three months, although it is not uncommon to work beyond that time frame. My goal is that when I leave your employ, you feel empowered and confident in your role as a parent, and your baby will be in a good day and night schedule. Thank you for visiting my site, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions that I can answer.


For further details about my education and qualifications click here.


• Newborn/Postpartum Care

• Preparing for Childbirth

• Grand parenting Classes

• Infant Massage Instruction

• Breastfeeding Classes



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• Newborn Care Specialist

• Night Nanny

• Sleep Conditioning

• Labor & Postpartum Doula

• Lactation Education &




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