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As a doula, it is my job and my joy to educate and comfort the couple before, during and after labor.

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I look forward to talking with you to help answer any questions you may have during this special time.

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What People are saying

Lori Wade has been such a blessing for my family. We had Lori work with us post partum for the first several months of our son’s life. She is highly skilled and very attuned to a baby’s needs. I would highly recommend Lori’s services to any couple needing an extra pair of skilled and loving hands.

Amanda Myers, Maryville, TN

Lori played an important role in my postpartum experience. She not only cared for our twins overnight twice a week but also taught us about infant massage to help my twins’ tummy troubles. My husband and I felt completely comfortable having her in our home overnight and were able to rest easy knowing our twins were being well tended to!

Emily Owen, Knoxville, TN

Peace of mind and rest – two things any newborn mother would be grateful for. I had both with Lori’s help. I knew Bo was in good hands when Lori would care for Bo from time to time at night so I could catch up on my sleep. This allowed me to be more present for my spouse and my other two boys. Thank you, Lori!

Page Miller, Knoxville, TN

I can't say enough about what a huge blessing & asset it was to have Knoxville Baby Lady Lori Wade as my doula! Being a first time momma, I did plenty of research & knew about the need for breathing & relaxation--but in the midst of intense labor, what I "knew" was quickly forgotten. With gentle touches to my shoulders, arms & forehead, & whispers to "relax" & "breathe", Lori helped me to stay focused. With constant encouragement & affirmation, she helped me through one of the hardest (& most rewarding) things I've ever done in my life! Thank you SO much Lori for helping me bring little Isaac into the world!

"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."

John H. Kennell, MD

When I am hired as your doula, you are my number one priority. I pride myself on the services I provide for you. See what some parents have said.

“Having a doula, specifically Lori, was fabulous. We hired a doula (I hired a doula) because I wanted to have a "natural" birth without medication, and I thought a doula would provide positive support with that decision as well as inform me about the birthing process so I could be prepared. What I liked about having Lori was simply the support. I liked having someone besides my husband "speaking my own language." I liked going over my birth plan with my doula. I really liked having Lori in the hospital telling me that everything was okay - and it was nice to have an extra set of hands - to literally hold my hand. I will probably hire a doula again."

EDF, mom

"As a first time dad it was great to have Lori there as someone with birth experience who could tell if what my wife was going through was normal. Without Lori being there, there would have been times when I would have panicked. It was so great having Lori there so that I could concentrate on supporting my wife emotionally instead of worrying about the mechanics of labor."

K.F., dad

"Thank you so much for being part of Mackenzie's birth. It was wonderful having you there. " "Having a doula didn't diminish my role as a support person. It definitely helped. A doula is a must. You gotta have a doula!"

Susan and Jason, 2nd time parents

"Having a doula was a great benefit. Especially for new parents."

Jim,first time dad

"Don't try natural childbirth without a doula! 
We hired a doula mainly because we wanted a natural childbirth with the least amount of interventions.  We wanted an advocate for us while at the hopsital and support for Doug, as well as for me.  I liked building a relationship with our doula before hand.  I felt like she listened to me and understood the person I am; what I would need and not need. Lori was very respectful of our wishes and our childbirth turned out mostly the way we'd planned it.  I couldn't have done it without her and I am so greatful for her service to me and my family."

Julie, first time mom

"When Julie had first brought up the use of a doula, I had not even heard of the term before.  After researching the doula's role in childbirth as coach for mom AND dad, it just made sense, especially for first time parents.  During Carys's birth Lori played an integral and invaluable role in the successful and miraculous birth of our little girl.  Given the encouragement Lori offered both of us during the birth, I would definitely include her as a part of our birthplan for future births, God willing and I would encourage others to seek out Lori's services."

Doug, first time dad

"My birth experience was wonderful.  When my husband first mentioned getting a doula, I was confident that I didn't need one.  I had already had one child, why would I need help with the second?  My husband needed her, I didn't!  When Lori arrived and started to talk with us and teach different pain management techniques, I realized how little I really knew.  I would definitely hire a doula again!"

J.P. , second time mom

"I would certainly hire Lori again. I would want to engage in her services much earlier in the process. Great job!"

J.P. , second time dad

" My birth experience was wonderful...Lori was a God-send. She knew everything that I needed before I needed it. I felt very at ease and comfortable with her. This was my second birth and I felt that I would need some extra encouragement. Lori helped me so much during my labor. I don't think that I could have done the process without her. I would want Lori with me if I had another baby."

Jessie, 2nd time mom


"I chose a doula because several friends told me that it's so helpful if doing a natural childbirth. They were right! I couldn't imagine having a baby without the help of Lori! I wouldn't change a thing and I will definitely be asking for Lori every time we have a baby! She was helpful, calming and encouraging! Wonderful experience!"

Christie, first time mom.

"I supported having a doula for my wife because we had heard how much it would help her. I had no idea how much it would actually help me. Lori was so encouraging and so knowledgeable on the whole process. We recommend using a doula to all of our friends now. Lori helped me to know how to best help and encourage my wife. We wouldn't want to ever do it without the help of a doula now. We loved having Lori be our doula."

Clark, first time dad


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    "Having a doula was a great benefit. Especially for new parents"

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    “I would certainly hire Lori again. I would want to engage in her services much earlier in the process. Great job!”

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    “We wouldn't want to ever do it without the help of a doula now. We loved having Lori be our doula."

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