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About Me

As a doula, it is my job and my joy to educate and comfort the couple before, during and after labor.

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I look forward to talking with you to help answer any questions you may have during this special time.

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About Me

lori wadeHi! I'm Lori Wade. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website. I hope that you are able to find the information you are looking for. After pursing through this site, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

I am the mother of four grown children and very proud nana of five beautiful grand-daughters and one adorable grandson. My husband and I have lived in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains for the past 20 years.

I am an active member of our church and am very involved within my community. I was instrumental in starting the Knoxville Chapter of BirthNetwork and served as co-leader for approximately 18 months. BirthNetwork, is a non-profit organization focusing on mother-friendly maternity care. I also served as the President for the East Tennessee Chapter of Newborns in Need, a non-profit organization focused on providing new clothes and much needed necessities to families in need within our community. In addition, I served for approximately two years as the Operation Special Delivery State Coordinator and Doula. This non-profit organization provides Doula services pro-bono for active military families.

Three of my children were delivered in hospitals and the last one was delivered at a birthing center with a midwife. All were unmedicated, vaginal births.

Often times I am asked "Why be a doula?" Here is the condensed version:

I have been a labor and post-partum doula for over 10 years. I have always enjoyed working with babies and supporting families.

I became a doula because I felt that it was something I was called to do. I had been a stay at home mom for many years and was busy homeschooling our four children. When the children were nearing the end of their homeschool journey, I felt this gnawing feeling inside of me that wouldn't go away. I knew there was something specific I was supposed to be doing, but had no idea what it was. After praying for God to reveal this to me, I came across some information about being a doula. At the time, I didn't even know what a doula was! After some prayer and doing some research, it was quite clear to me and my family that being a doula was exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

I have enjoyed serving many families in different capacities over the past several years. I have and continue to expand on my skills by taking continuing education courses and certifying in other areas that are baby and family related.

I am honored to work with you in any capacity that is needed during your pregnancy, labor, childbirth or postpartum period. I am so thankful for this path being revealed to me. I have never looked back, or regretted taking the first steps to becoming a doula.

I have been very blessed in my journey of becoming a doula. As part of my commitment to "giving back" or "paying it forward" I do offer a limited amount of scholarships and reduced rate services for families who may otherwise not be able to hire a doula. If you would like more information about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • 3,000+ hours of newborn and infant care
  • Experience with singles, twins, and triplets
  • DTAP and flu vaccination current
  • Infant and child CPR Certified
  • Basic first aid trained
  • Breastfeeding Assistance
  • Baby Wearing Help
  • Currently working on Certified Lactation Educator Certificate through CAPPA
  • Certified Childbirth Educator, ICEA
  • Certified Labor Doula, CAPPA
  • Certified Post Partum Doula, CAPPA
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Loving Touch
  • Certified HUG Teacher
  • Continuing Education

    I strive to keep up with the latest evidence-based research and most up-to-date information to better serve my clients. Following is a list of CEU's I have taken over the past few years.

    Advanced multiple training February, 2017

    CAPPA Conference October, 2016

  • How Changing Personal Habits Gives Birth to Professional Growth
  • Respect for the Prenate; Parenting from the Beginning of Life
  • Dynamic Parent Education for Today’s Millennials
  • VBAC: A Physician’s Reflection on VBACs and How to Support Them
  • The Science Behind Skin to Skin Contact
  • Why Not Home Film Screening
  • Up in Smoke; The Potential Impaction of Marijuana Use on Babies
  • Grief in the Petinatal Period, Support and Survival
  • Emory University on-line course – Childbirth: A Global Perspective June 2016

    Certified Lactation Educator workshop - July, 2015

    ICEA Conference 2014

  • Why Birth Matters: Exploring the Impact of Birth for Our Families and Future
  • The Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Mother Nature’s Superb Design
  • Perinatal Emotions: A Wellness Plan
  • Anesthesia, Epidurals and Spinals
  • Current Guidelines for Prenatal Fitness
  • Backwards Curriculum Design for Labor
  • Called to the Childbirth Profession: Strategies for Career Pleasure
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Birth Trauma: Causes and Consequences of Childbirth Related PTSD
  • Using Perinatal Education to Support New Parents’ Relationships
  • Protecting Your Birth Business
  • Beyond the Birth Plan: Paradigm Shifting for Birth Professionals
  • The Magical Hour After Birth
  • Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Using Visual Prompts
  • Fun Tricks for Teaching Breastfeeding
  • Extreme Childbirth Education Class Makeover
  • Mother-Infant Sleep Location and Nighttime Feeding Behaviors

    Below are the major topics. (Sub-topics were too many to list)

  • The Postpartum Doula
  • Nighttime care
  • Counseling & Communication
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Postpartum Care of the New Mother
  • Postpartum Mood Disorders
  • The Postpartum Family
  • The Newborn
  • Infant States
  • Calming Techniques
  • Newborn Sleep
  • Infant Feeding Methods
  • Breastfeeding
  • Babywearing
  • Preemies
  • Kangaroo Care
  • Multiples
  • Grief

  • ICEA Conference – 2011

  • Childbirth Educator Workshop Transforming Maternity Care – Making the Blueprint for Action a Reality
  • Optimizing Birth Outcomes
  • Birth Works – Why Don’t We in the United States Know It?
  • Breastfeeding – Back to the Future
  • Making Family Centered Care a Reality
  • Dogs and Storks - 2011

  • Postpartum and Family Dogs Webinar

  • CAPPA Conference – 2010

  • You are my World – How a Parents Love Shapes a Baby’s Mind
  • Teen Moms – Empowered for Success
  • Leave Well Enough Alone – Natural 3rd Stage Labor
  • Your Power to Choose – Vaccine Rights
  • Your Baby has the Power to Give Birth
  • HUG Your Baby Intro.
  • Helping Women Achieve What They Want in a Hospital Birth
  • Building New Dreams – What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?
  • DONA Conference – 2009

    • How a Doula Can Help a Mother
    • Birth Trauma: Lessons from Solace for Mothers
    • The Seduction of Induction Eco-Friendly Birth
    • Vaccines: Making an Educated Decision for Your Child
    • How the Miraculous Transition Occurs
    • When Things Do Not Go as Planned Birth Kangaroo Care and Beyond
    • The Attachment Needs of Laboring Women
    • Breastfeeding basics
    • Webinar 2009 -

    Professional Organizations

  • DONA International
  • ICEA
  • Loving Touch Infant Massage
  • Knoxville BirthNetwork
  • East Tennessee Doula Assciation

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Pellissippi Community College
  • East Tennessee Breastfeeding Colation
  • Knoxville BirthNetwork
  • Breast Friends Support Group
  • Cutie Tooties Cloth Diapering Store


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    "Having a doula was a great benefit. Especially for new parents"

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    "I would certainly hire Lori again. I would want to engage in her services much earlier in the process. Great job!" "

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    "We wouldn't want to ever do it without the help of a doula now. We loved having Lori be our doula."

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